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Listening to “Relaxed Homeskool” podcast #14 from iTunes. Great quote from guest:

Basics used to mean reading, writing and arithmetic. Now basics are assumed to mean a lot more stuff…Essentially the K-12 curriculum. And basics are important but taken out of context, students don’t retain basics that are taught to them. It’s a basic principle that if you don’t have a context for learning something, therefore you’re not interested in it, you will not retain it very well. So I think the advantage of homeschooling and unschooling is that you put the horse and the cart in the right order. You create a context for yourself first. Give yourself a framework for meaning, for what all this learning is supposed to be about and THEN you do the learning. And the learning happens a lot more quickly, more harmlessly, when you do it in that order. Instead of just trying to force it down everyone’s throats for 12 years.

Blake Boles, Unschool Adventures (quote starts at 12:00)

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