Have you heard of “Finger Math”?

I have heard of it but never learned anything about it til today. I was listening to a podcast by “The Relaxed Homeskool” (found on iTunes, show #15) and heard her guest, Kathy Wentz, describing the method but couldn’t visualize it properly.

So, being a very visual person, I went to YouTube and found this video:

Wow! There’s a ton of other “finger math” videos on YouTube that I’ve not yet checked out, but I will be soon! Check it out! There’s a whole new world of math that just opened up to me and my children!

I’d love to hear of other great videos and ideas on this and similar techniques for learning math. Please comment and share!

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  1. Thank you Heddi! I just looked it up at our local library website and they have it! ORDERED! 🙂 I am looking forward to checking it out! So cool!

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