Homeschooling with Apple Music Family Subscription

Homeschooling with Apple Music Family Subscription

Do you know about this??

apple music family

Our family has had a family subscription for a couple years now…and we LOVE IT!! For just $14.99, a month every member of our 4 member family gets access to every song in Apple Music… and that’s a LOT of music!! No more having to pay to for new albums or trying to find used cds on Amazon of old albums we’d really just like to listen to here and there or when feeling nostalgic…or having to go to the hassle of perusing the library for music to check out here and there and wait for it to come in, just to have the mood gone by the time it comes in…NOPE, the second I feel an urge for a song, I search for it and BAM, I’m listening to it within seconds! No additional fee or hassle! It’s like Netflix for music.

And as a homeschool mom I LOVE the diversity of music this opens up to my family!

I love listening to a variety of music, and to expose my kiddos to lots of different genres…but they, of course, aren’t always keen to branch out to new things. They find a band or musician or style of music and tend to stick with it. With Apple Music, I can tap into just about any kind of music you can imagine and even world music! And with my bluetooth speaker, I can play it during chore time or read aloud time or whenever I feel that specific music would be most appropriate…as background music. To expose my kids to music that they wouldn’t otherwise choose to listen to themselves, and I might not normally have such a diverse library of in my home if I had to purchase them individually myself. 


So when I’m in the mood for classical, we can listen to classical…


When I feel like jazz…we can listen to all sorts of kinds of jazz…


When I’m feeling like I want to expose my kids to the music of Broadway plays, they have these too! 


Electro swing? One of my current favorite types of modern/vintage music….Oh yeah! They got that too!!


Celtic? YUP! 

80s music

And when I want my children to be educated on the value of the music of the 80s…they have loads of that as well! :)

Then, if you go to “genres”, there is also a world music section. I’ve yet to take advantage of this…but taking a peek at it, there does look like a decent variety of music to choose from!

Then there’s features like playlists and radio stations…both of which I enjoy using regularly. Playlists are great for grouping together specific songs you want to manually group yourself. I use my “Happy Songs” list the most, to motivate us, and get us boogying, lol!

And radio stations are similar to what Pandora does where you can have Apple play songs similar to a song. Apple’s algorithm for this is not as good as Pandora’s, but it still is a fun feature for hearing some new music.

So check out Apple Music Family subscription for a great way to bring a variety of music into your homeschool at a reasonable cost! Use it to add the genre of music historically or culturally significant to whatever you are currently studying, or just enjoy a regular wide variety of music!

Everyone knows the value of music…bring more music into YOUR Homeschool today!

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