hoping to get back on track tomorrow

this week has just been more of the same. 🙁  maeven is still coughing up a lung and not feeling 100%. took her to the dr and i know she’s just got to ride it out…but its not making her all that inclined to sit and do any focusing on “schoolwork.”

today i had hoped to get some stuff done but then the day was taken up with more dr’s appts. this time for mommy and daddy.  adam stayed home today so that we could take turns with the kids while the other went to our new dr for a physical. then because this is a “friends playday”, and we couldn’t go play at our friends’ house because of their mama still being on the mend from pneumonia, we had maeven’s friend brooke come over and play with her…she really needed that socializing with her friends because she’s gotten so little of it lately with being sick so long (and them being sick before us).  so that shot the whole day pretty much. which is fine…since i didn’t feel like we were really going to get anything done anyway.

so tomorrow i am going to try to get some work done with her while tyren goes with nana and bompa for brunch. not sure how far we’ll get, but i’m going to do what i can.

and if maeven can just get well again and stop this horrible coughing, all our lives will be better! mary graves (ped nurse practitioner) said that it can last up to 6 weeks! gawd i hope it doesn’t last that long! i’m tired of everything being put on hold. 🙁

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