I can’t seem to blog lately

My song-of-the-week posts have been sorely neglected lately, sorry. I don’t know if there’s anyone watching for them, though, so I don’t feel too bad. If you are waiting for them to be posted, please let me know and I will work harder at getting them out on time. I completely flaked on it last week and here it is the end of a second week that I’ve again skipped the darn song post. Argh. Gotta get on the ball!

On the plus side, I did indeed do a song with my kids last week. I just didn’t blog about it. In preparation for our annual trip to SCICON Outdoor School, for the salamander migration, I taught the kiddos “Sally-mander”, from my SCICON days.

I’ll blog the lyrics separately and see if I can’t drum up a video or recording of it. I have the song on cd from a SCICON cd I have. But its way cuter when my 3yr old sings it, of course, LOL! I’ll see what I can do.

Everything’s just sorta been going with the flow lately…not a lot of structured learning. Although I did manage to get some things done here and there. I’ve even been keeping careful (mostly) records in my new planner.

We’ve been doing a lot of social time lately. Which I think is a good thing. Maeven and Tyren have had a lot of outdoor play with friends, in this glorious spring-like weather we’ve been having (but I’m hoping that it doesn’t last, because I DON’T want an early spring and hence, early/LONG summer!) Today we spent HOURs at the park at homeschool park day. Maeven had a whole gang of girls she was playing with for awhile there…looked like about 10 of them that were all about the same size. Then later when the families started leaving, it was the 4 girls…Maeven, Brooke, Thea and Stephanie. How cool to see Maeven have such great friends! Really sweet to see!

Anyway, I have song posts to work on, don’t I? Back to work!

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