i definitely agree with this blog


here’s the comment i left:

definitely! i think its absolutely RIDICULOUS the style of clothes they market to even little girls like my 8yr old!!

i’m not christian, but even i find it inappropriate for little ones to dress in things like crop tops and hip hugger pants…why in the WORLD would it be important for a CHILD to show off parts of their bodies in a sexual way like that?

(i forgot to add also that i find it so maddening that i have to really search to find shorts for my daughter that are not “daisy dukes”, short-shorts…i can’t believe how SHORT they make them for CHILDREN! it enrages me, i tell ya!!!)

its getting to the point now that i have to seriously search to find anything to put on my daughter that still makes her look like the little girl she is, and not a teenager-in-training!!

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