I do NOT recommend Young Indiana Jones, the teen years.

I will be putting a disclaimer on all my reviews so far…but once Indy grows up the show takes a very dark and disturbing turn. There’s very little education involved in it (though it’s still there, just minor), and it’s all about wars and battles and killing. I’m about 5 episodes in and it’s getting worse and worse and frankly I’m tiring of the show. It’s just killing galore. I don’t really need to see this much warfare and hand to hand combat. But I’m going to stick it out and see it all the way through. But it’s getting very rough to keep watching. And my children will not be watching any of this.

There’s even sexual content! So I’m not sure why they deemed this show educational at this point. Early years, yes, 10yr old Indy is adorable and lots of education in this first 5 episodes (which is actually 10, since each 1 and half hour episode is actually 2 episodes edited together.) But starting with episode 6, beware.

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