Its an adventure, I tell ya!

I’m always evaluating our homeschooling adventure and thinking up new ideas to grab my children’s interest and enrich their lives with new learning experiences. I’ve not yet found what I would call my “groove” and don’t in any way feel like an “expert” at homeschooling. I’ve read and learned a lot about this subject but I sincerely feel like even after 4 years in the trenches (which I realize isn’t long), I feel very much like a newbie still. And I regularly feel like I’m floundering. (I feel the same way about mothering, which I’ve been doing for nearly 10 years now…but that’s a whole ‘nother post for another day.)

I read all sorts of websites and blogs about how others are so delighted in their homeschool experiences and how in tune they all are and all the fabulous ideas they constantly come up with for providing a really rich homeschool experience for their kidlets and I feel inadequate. I really do. I don’t know that I’ll ever be truly happy with how things are going since I tend towards being a perfectionist (I constantly fight this, but it is still there, sadly). But I keep trying!

I detest the blogs that never post the trials and tribulations of homeschooling and make it seem like everything is always peachy-keen and they never doubt the journey they are on. It just doesn’t seem real. So you won’t find that here.

I am very fallible, and I have no problem admitting to that.

I very much enjoy reading about other moms’ bad days and struggles because it makes me feel less alone in my own struggles. So this is what I will strive to provide here at The Homeschool Realm. Reality.

I also tend to really make a huge deal over the things that I feel are going well. I like to toot my horn during those instances. Its only fair, I think…since I feel like such a failure so much of the time, to raise a stink when I feel good about something! 🙂

Anyway, despite the frustrations, I really truly do love homeschooling and wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoy facing the challenges head-on and finding ways to solve the problems. I am not one to give up easily and despite being excruciatingly schedule-challenged, I continue to try new ideas and keep on keepin’ on every day, with new vigor as new ideas explode into my brain and into our lives. I’m an idea person…I constantly come up with new ones and try most of them out and will follow through on them if they work for us…So maybe there will be things that I discover and try that might help other families out there struggling in a similar fashion. I hope so.

So…bear with me on this adventure called homeschooling. And I hope many of you will post comments as often as possible to make this more than a one-way conversation. 🙂

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