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IMG_2371Do your kids like to play on the computer a lot? Mine too. So much so that I had to wrestle with them for time on my own computer! (Until I got Times Up Kidz, no longer in business.)

How about blogging or building websites?

I’ve been thinking for awhile that I want to get my kids into web design if they’re interested…Since I create websites it just makes sense that I would share this skill with my kiddos. And its very educational! There are writing and typing and reading and designing and all sorts of things to learn from it that I’m not even thinking about!

Awhile back I started blogs for my kids, which were originally intended for me to log stuff they were learning and doing by me…but transitioned into something more for my older. My younger is still only 5, so he’s a bit young to be blogging regularly still.  But I just never seemed to find time to show them how to blog, and its STILL on my list of things to do!

My daughter (10yrs) has gotten into it a little…my intention was to set her up with a WordPress site that she has a link to on her “school side” of the computer (separate user login in Windows that doesn’t require she earn time to use.) But even after all this time and good intentions, I’ve yet to get her to a point where she feels comfortable just logging in and going to town with it.

So I decided I’m going to teach an online class for kids to learn how to create a simple WordPress site…and use my daughter as a guinea pig to help me see how to best structure the class to make sense on a kid level. This would also be great for adults that are starting from the very basics as well.

I put out word on Facebook and Twitter to see how much interest there might be and got an immediate positive response from local moms! So I guess I better get my butt in gear and plan this class!

I’ve already found an online resource for doing live screencasts…so that kids can be logged in anywhere in the world and hear me explaining the steps and showing on their computer how it works. (It records what I’m doing on MY desktop, to help get a full understanding of the exact steps, what to click where, where to type, etc.

I’m really excited by this whole idea and hope to get things organized to go in the next month or so! Of course, with everything else on my plate, I need to squish this in there…but if things really go well, I can see offering this on an ongoing basis, maybe even some higher level learning as some of the kids get the hang of what they’re doing.

I’m lovin this idea! How fun to work with kids on this? If you think your child might be interested, drop me a comment and maybe it will help give me the kick in the pants I need to put this idea into action!

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  1. yes my 3 sons would be very interested in this class..let me know dates ..hopefully i am not to late

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