language arts a-la unschooling :)

maeven is very into emailing people these days. i use zoobuh (no longer exists) for her because its very cheap (i think it ends up being $1/month, but you pay a year in advance) and very kid friendly and safe. another plus is that you can configure it to send an email to the parent anytime the child receives or sends an email. way cool.

so i just got a copy of this that she sent out today:

Hi thea! my mom just got The Double Daring Book For Girls in the mail! if you have not read  it yet, you should! i got The Pocket Daring Book For Girls for christmas and i started reading, it and i loved it and now i have The Double Daring Book For Girls and i know i’ll love it too! maeven.

how cute is that? i got this book in the mail and she’s so excited about it she goes and writes one of her best friends about it. i love it! :)  i believe the only word she asked for help spelling in that was christmas. she’s coming along nicely,  i think. :)

just furthers my belief that anything initiated entirely by the child and driven by their own desires is MOUNTAINS more valuable than any forced learning. :)

this is a child that just months ago had a very difficult time spelling just about anything. and less than a year ago wasn’t even reading all that well. fast forward past many hours of playing computer games and reading/writing emails and reading/writing her own stories and chapter books and letters to family members and keeping a journal (occasionally) and we have a child that has really grown in her reading and writing abilities exponentially all of her own volition!

proud mama? you bet!

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