let’s see if i can do this

i’m pretty good at blogging casually on my main blog. but i suck at consistancy at anything, and it is possible that i might suck at keeping this blog up to date. but i am hoping that having this blog will inspire me to really get organized with homeschooling. i have so many plans, but i have such a hard time keeping them going. luckily, maeven continues to learn, despite me. but i really have so many ideas for fantastic educational experiences i want to share with her. and soon, tyren too. so my hope is that having this blog will really help me stay fired up about what i’m doing and maintain more of a daily consistancy.

i can’t guarantee that i’ll be able to blog every day about everything we are doing. but i will try to do as much as possible. and this blog will also be my personal record of what i’m doing with my kids. i really want to get out of the current summer heat rut we’re in and get back to a daily educational lifestyle like we’ve had before and like i envision.

wish me luck! 🙂

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