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I can’t seem to find time to update my blogs these days. Too busy living my life, I guess. But I’m going to keep trying!

This week I am thinking about how far I’ve come with our homeschooling. My kids, while not totally where I want them to be (will they ever be?) have come a long way.

20130313-105858.jpgWe are getting more done than ever before! Still always seems to be a subject or 2 that are being neglected, but we are rockin it at math and some language arts!

Both kids are getting math done, with little or no fuss, every day! Also starting to get more writing done! I’m very proud of how far we’ve come!

This week Beckie and I are talking about how to incorporate art and music into homeschooling, and it’s making me feel very motivated to make more of a conscious effort to do art and include music in our daily activities. I find this happening a lot with our podcast episodes…in finding things to talk about for others, I find myself inspiring myself! Now if I can just stay focused.

How do you bring art and/or music into your homeschooling?

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  1. Music is a big part of our day, and our homeschooling. We put on Pandora Radio in the morning to get us going, and often have dance parties for PE. Also, now that we are studying modern US History, music is a big part of our studies. We listened to a good bit of jazz and blues for the 20’s to 40’s, and now that we are in the 60’s I am having a blast introducing my daughter to some of my favorite bands. Music brings the times to life, brings out the social struggles, the happiness and saddness, makes history real!


  2. That picture crckaed me up! Congrats on your 1st week of successful homeschooling! If I were there, I’d bring over some mocha around…say…4pm and we could hang while the big girls played and we bribe G into “babysitting” Jolie :)

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