Make a rain gauge out of a soda bottle

So I’m working on geography with my 6yr old, using a method that is supposed to be something Charlotte Mason would have approved of (it came out of the core book that I bought from a website that, sadly, no longer exists)…and we need a rain gauge. So I thought it would be great to make one ourselves. And we just happened to have a 2liter plastic soda bottle (something we pretty much NEVER have, because we so rarely have soda…but just so happens that my hubby and I splurged on a recent date night at home.) …

So I let my fingers do the walking and Googling immediately turned up this:
VOILA! That’ll work! So I’m going to update this post after we get a chance to make it. I’ll post pics at that point.

I don’t expect rain anytime in the near future, but October is kind of a weird month in our part of California (Central Valley) so you never really know.

More to come!!

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