Meerkat Manor

meerkat manor show

Have you heard about this show? I had heard of it somewhere (can’t remember where) but never got around to looking it up. Well, Netflix and its infinite wisdom recently recommended this show to me (since my kids watch a lot of documentaries and nature/animal type shows on instant view)…WOW! What an excellent little show!

Only 20min episodes (probably 30 with commercials on cable), and such an intriguing story about a family of meerkats! They are such engaging little creatures, and this show does an excellent job of drawing into their daily living. By giving the family as well as each individual animal a name, you really feel like you are getting to know the lives of these animals.

We only just began watching season 3…and I’ve noticed Netflix only has season 3 and 4 on instant view…But from just the one episode I’ve personally seen (my daughter went on to watch more), I’m going to be looking for the rest of the DVDs!

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