Minecraft for homeschoolers?

Have you heard about Minecraft? My kids are ALLLLL about this game right now.

I just found this article that has me on fire to make this game a part of our homeschooling. There’s also links to other articles on that page…lots of great info!

Here’s another.

How about this one: The Minecraft Teacher!

So now I’d like to start a discussion about making Minecraft a part of our homeschooling now!

Any ideas?

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  1. My 19 year old son plays Minecraft almost every day. A few weeks ago he taught his 11 year old sister (homeschooled) how to play, since she enjoyed watching him alot.

    He has a very successful blog he runs that is about Minecraft and he posted her creation on his site. It got about 7,000 views in one day. I feel that Minecraft is a good tool for young children to be creative and to help them learn in a fun environment. I am looking ways to incorporate it into our homeschool curriculum.

    Has anyone actively used Minecraft in their homeschool experience? Please share.

    Here is the blog post.


    1. Oh I know!! I completely relate! I need to get back to reading about what’s going on with Minecraft Teacher…I’ve gotten offtrack…and my kids are back into Minecraft after a brief hiatus so now’s the time to find ideas for making it work for “school”. 🙂

  2. i could set up a server for home schooled children but my pc probably couldnt handle running it my internet is very slow hehe

  3. I’ve been letting the girls explore and create on their own. (2nd and 5th graders.) One afternoon a Mayan pyramid appeared. I steered the oldest to do some research and flesh it out. A few days later the whole thing was built out and the interior had lava falls, altars, and windows high in the ceiling to watch the stars.
    I’m trying to get them to start building mechanical / electrical gadgets.

  4. I am looking to connect my 11 year old daughter with other homeschool minecraft players. Also, does anyone here use the minecraftedu?
    Thank you.

    1. My son would love to play minecraft with other children. He is 9 years old this is our first year homeschooling. I am so happy to hear other children that are homeschooled are playing Minecraft. My son loves it.

  5. I play minecraft a lot and im homeschooled ive heard of people teaching how to mod it as a way to teach programming is there any links for that

    1. My grandson is taking Minecraft -Mod 1 from these folks and he absolutely loves it! They have teachers who respond online and is making a mod that will be used in his minecraft. check out youthdigital.com for the correct info. Well worth the money for what he’s learned!!!

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