• [openbook booknumber=”ISBN:0195095065″ templatenumber=”1″]Book 1, Ch 9 & 10





  • Attended our first Currclick Lego Club (virtual class).
    Listening to/watching the instructor streaming live on her dad’s computer:20110926-073350.jpg
    20110926-073540.jpgThe instructor sent a list of supplies to have on hand, then we logged into the online classroom at the specified time and watched a short lecture about DNA and the double helix. All explained using Lego as examples. Then we were directed how to build our own Lego double helix (as a group…all 100 children in the class were building at the same time.) Students could interact with the instructor by typing in the chat room, but Maeven didn’t choose to.20110926-073427.jpga20110926-073447.jpg
    Voila! Her completed double helix! (Its not supposed to have that many colors, but we didn’t have the required 20 pieces of 4 different colors, so we had to improvise. We decided this is a mutant DNA, LOL!
  • Found a dying bird on our doorstep Sunday evening, and in the morning on Monday it was dead. We had put a box over it to keep it from being attacked by cats overnight (it was still alive but obviously in bad shape Sun night). Maeven was very sad about the bird, but also fascinated by its dead body and how the ants were crawling all over its head in the morning. Both kids decided to work together to bury it in the backyard.
  • More examining of our resident praying mantis (a green one by the front door that the kids and Daddy have been excitedly watching and trying to feed for days…They named him “Mr. Green”)








  • Sequential Spelling Book 1, #31
  • Heard more of: [openbook booknumber=”ISBN:043935806X” templatenumber=”1″]

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