montessori for tyren?

i just got a catalog in the mail yesterday for montessori services, and i’m really excited! i see all sorts of ideas of “jobs” to keep tyren busy during maeven’s school time. some of the stuff i will buy, but i think i could probably set up some of that stuff from things i already have…or make for cheap from stuff that i find at thrift stores and such.

knowing tyren, i really think he’ll enjoy this sort of stuff. pouring and sorting and transferring and all sorts of practical life stuff. he really enjoys this sort of thing…so i’m really thinking now of setting up a little mini-montessori environment in our big room. (once its done being remodeled)…maybe even get some “jobs” set up ahead of time, so we don’t have to wait months for that room to be done.

in the meantime, i’m going to scour the net for info on montessori. get some books from the library and videos and such. learn all i can. i am really excited!

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