This course will teach you some of the ins and outs of how to do things within the platform called Moodle which Noodle Homeschool is build upon.

You can go through this course from beginning to end in order, if you like, or you can just refer to it as needed. I will refer to specific areas of this course within Noodle Homeschool courses from time to time as relevant, and you can just look up things as they come up.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to be enrolled in this course to be able to do any of the interactivity like "add submission"...This course has self enrollment enabled, so you are able to do this yourself, but if you have any problems, please contact me.

If you ever have any problems or have questions, you can always contact me directly by emailing me at Please make sure to let me know which course you are currently enrolled in for reference and if you are having problems with a specific activity.