Noodle Homeschool

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Is this your first time here?

This registration step is STEP 2 in signing your child up for a Noodle Homeschool course.

Step 1 is paying via Paypal on Homeschool Realm

To go to step 1, click here and choose the course you would like. You will be walked through your next steps from there.


Register an account for each student:

1.  Click on the button below and fill all fields out with your CHILD's info.
(Parent email on the child form is is used to create the account and to occasionally communicate with you. But please note that you will need a separate email for each account.)

2.  An email will be immediately sent...Click on the web link it contains. Your account will be confirmed and you will be automatically logged in. 

3.  Click the "Courses" button in the middle of the screen and select the category, then the course you wish to enroll your child in. (To jump right to a list of courses under a category, click the arrow on the left of the category.)

LOOK for this symbol: enrollment key  for the courses that allow self enrollment keys.

4.  Lastly, you will paste in the enrollment key you were emailed, into the box to enroll your child in the desired course.

You’re now enrolled and can access the course!

From now on your child will only need to enter their personal username and password (in the form on this page) to log in and access any course they are enrolled in.