Mothering Magazine sponsored homeschool chat transcripts coming soon!

logo1Long before I had Homeschool Realm, I had another really successful site called Mommy Chats. (Back in the day of chats.) It doesn’t exist anymore…you can only find it on nowadays…

I had the site for many years, and hosted casual chatting as well as lots of topical chats…and from Oct 2004 to July 2007 I partnered with Peggy O’Mara and Mothering Magazine (then editor of the then print magazine…it’s no longer Peggy and no longer print…but it was for decades…and it does still exist as a website community and digital format, it looks like…) to host their natural parenting chats. They brought me the guests and I hosted their weekly topical chats. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet a lot of really neat people and learn some really interesting stuff.

Recently it occurred to me that I could dig up the homeschool related chats and post them here on this website because there was some really great stuff learned from those chats from long ago!

So….here’s a list of the people whose chats I will be sharing with you:

I just have to get the formatting to cooperate and I’ll start posting them soon!!

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