MOVIE REVIEW: Iron Jawed Angels

Let me first say this is NOT a movie for young children. There IS violence in it. And it is difficult to watch at times. Even for me. But I think its an important movie for all American women, and young women, to see. So I highly recommend that you, the parent, watch the movie first, and then use your own judgment as to when your children are capable of handling the content of this movie. I will probably show it to my daughter when she is a teenager.

This HBO movie is a dramatization about the American suffragettes (not a documentary). It is absolutely mind blowing if you are not aware of what these women went through to get us the vote. And still shocking even if you are.

The story is told in a way that helps you look into the cause of the suffragettes and sympathize with what they were dealing with back in the 1910s. More than anything, I felt highly enlightened as to what these women did for women like me, and this has made me feel strongly ashamed of the voting opportunities that I have ignored over the years. This was a great week to watch this movie as just a few days ago I received info in the mail about the upcoming election and now am feeling very obligated to do my research and make sure that I participate in voting! After all that women like Alice Paul and Lucy Burns did to get me this right, I owe it to them!

There’s an email circulating the internet of the “Night of Terror” that these women went through…But this movie only touches upon this. The extreme abuse is only just hinted at in the movie.

As far as I can tell from some quick internet searches, most of the info in this movie is pretty accurate, with the exception of some of the more extreme abuse being left out.

Here’s a preview:

It is available from Netflix, which is where I checked it out.

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