MUSIC REVIEW: Caspar Babypants–This is Fun!

casparbabypants 1

Caspar Babypants–This is Fun!

This is a cd I just dug out of my crate full o’music that I apparently never got around to listening to before…

caspar babypants

I probably received this for review years ago because I don’t even remember when! But it turns out that I actually really like it! It’s one of the few out of that huge stash of kids music submitted to me for review that I actually like!

Very catchy! I was bouncing along to “All You Pretty Babies” and literally laughing out loud to the silliness of the “The Legend of the Bone”…I can totally see families with babies through preschoolers really enjoying this cd! Maybe even some a little older than that, if they like fun kid music. It’s definitely aimed at a young crowd though.

Very clever songs, catchy tunes, cute lyrics, fun!! Well named album! 🙂  Go check it out! Click on the album cover image above and you can listen to samples of the songs on Amazon.

My kids may be grown, but I sometimes have friends with littles over and someday I’ll have grandbabies. I’m keeping this one!

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