MUSIC REVIEW: Googol Power presents Multiplication Vacation

Googol Power

Googol Power presents Multiplication Vacation

This was another cd sent to me for review…and this one took me a little while to decide if I liked it or not.


My daughter, on the other hand, fell immediately in love with it. This cd is very well produced…Even my husband agreed, and he works for a video/audio production company and knows what a good music cd sounds like! The songs are very catchy in their tune even if they don’t have repeating choruses. My not-quite-4yr-old likes to dance to the songs. She has no need or ability yet to start learning the times tables, but I am curious to see how she picks them up with the use of this cd later on. The story that is interwoven between the songs is captivating and cute. A little corny, but kids like corny, so it works. 🙂 This is definitely a cd made with kids’ tastes in mind. Now the thing I had mixed feelings about is that the songs are just creative ways to drill the times tables into the kiddos’ heads. But then I realized that’s the way you learn them! I am against rote learning, but for multiplication tables, I just don’t know of any other way…so I’m thinking this cd might be a really neat way to learn what otherwise might be boring. Anyway this cd really grew on me and now I can honestly recommend it…Catchy songs, fun story…Check it out! And I’m looking forward to hearing from people with older kids to see if it really helps with learning the times tables!

Check out the (archived) Googol Learning website for their whole line of products and other fun stuff! The site is no longer live, but you can still check out the old archived website on the Wayback Machine website.

To learn more about my philosophy on kids music and where I’m coming from, visit this page.

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