MUSIC REVIEW: Hope Harris, Cousins Jamboree


Hope Harris, Cousins Jamboree

I am happy to say that after many months of no new cds to recommend (after many submissions), I’ve finally got another great kids cd to share with y’all!


Let me tell ya, I get a LOT of cd submissions for review…and VERY FEW are what I would deem worthy of a recommend. Some are just awful, most are just eh. This one is very cute!

The music is catchy, just as you would expect a kids cd to be…But I would even say very well done (musically, instrumentally, etc). Very professional and fun! Hope’s singing is wonderful and fun, and the lyrics are cute and singable. I especially like her version of the Five Little Monkeys…I had not heard that set to actual music before, but had only sung it a capella in preschool circle times. CUTE! The “doom-wacka” parts will be particularly catchy to toddlers, I bet…I don’t currently have any more toddlers so I couldn’t say first hand. But my 6yr old does like this cd! 🙂  My 11yr old…..well…she’s 11…she prefers not to listen to “little kids music” anymore. 🙁   sniff sniff  This makes me so sad…but my little guy is still into this stuff with me, thank heavens!

If you have toddlers and preschoolers…and even young grade schoolers…I recommend giving this one a listen! You may just find yourself finding some new favorites among some old ones! 🙂

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