MUSIC REVIEW: Jennifer Gasoi-Songs for You

Jennifer Gasoi Songs for You

Jennifer Gasoi-Songs for You

Oh my, I can’t believe I didn’t review this awesome cd yet! I’m SO sorry Jennifer! This is just a wonderful wonderful cd!!


I received it for review from Jennifer and I just LOVE listening to it! Jennifer has a lovely voice and such fun songs! I especially love the song “L-L-Lemons” which even my 1yr old enjoys trying to sing! It only has the names of fruits in it but is such a catchy tune and easy to pick up that we all really enjoy singing along to it in the car! Well, of course, we sing along to all the songs…that one is just our favorite! 🙂  This cd doesn’t have a bad song on it! The entire thing keeps me and my kiddos be-bopping and singing along! Very well written, very well performed…YA GOTTA GET A COPY OF THIS! 🙂
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