MUSIC REVIEW: John Lithgow-Singing in the Bathtub


John Lithgow-Singing in the Bathtub

I’ve been a huge fan of John Lithgow’s since I stumbled upon this cd at the library a couple of years ago…I had no idea he did kids music.

Yes, that’s the goofy guy from the TV show “Third Rock From the Sun”, and further back–the preacher father on “Footloose”….and so much more I can’t name them all.

johnlithgow 1

With the exception of one song (“Triplets”, which I find a little disturbing…) I adore every song on this cd! I am particularly fond of “No One Loves You Any Better Than Your M-O-Double-M-Y” (which I just call “The Mommy Dance”)…this song is so sweet and fun it sometimes makes me tear up when I sing/dance to it with my children…I used to use it as a closing circle song awhile back when I did a Mommy & Me class in my home…I had the mommies dance to it with their babies…so fun!

The Hippopotamous Song and Ya Gotta Have Skin make me just laugh out loud…and the Gnu Song (Ga-noo)…I really can’t pick a favorite…they’re all so fun…and fun to share with children! The cd is well worth buying!

To check out John’s website, here’s a link to his kids page.

To learn more about my philosophy on kids music and where I’m coming from, visit this page.

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