MUSIC REVIEW: Steve Weeks-Alphabet Songs Vol. 1

Alphabet Songs I

Steve Weeks-Alphabet Songs Vol. 1

I recently received this one in the mail, sent to me by Steve to review. (I get a lot of children’s music CDs free this way, but very few of them make it to my review list…I’m really picky, lol!)

Steve Weeks

OH MY GOSH!!! This cd is FANTASTIC!! Steve is SOOOO creative with his songs…most of which are story-songs with a fantastic repeating chorus that encourages kiddos to join in. He uses alliteration in each song, helping to enforce the letter of the song. My husband even loves some of the songs on this cd, and he usually hates kid music, lol! Another thing I like about this cd is that each song is so very very different! There is so much variety in this cd and the songs are so catchy, I find myself singing the choruses even when they are not on…caught my husband singing “Fred the Fish” chorus to my daughter the other day…a big thing if you knew my husband! 🙂 An additional benefit to these songs it that I think when my daughter is a little older, this might also help her learn the sounds of the letters! Anyway, I can’t wait to hear the rest of this series! Hope he publishes more soon!

Visit Steve’s website and hear clips of his songs!
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