My blog post was featured on!

How cool is this?

They liked my article and asked for permission to reprint it on! What an honor!

And since I’ve added to their blogroll, now, I realize I need to get my butt in gear to add more content here more regularly! I’m inspired!

I’m going to start with working on getting all the fabulous links that I post on the Homeschool Realm Facebook page over here on this site. I should have been doing this all along! If you’re not yet following that FB page, I highly recommend it, since it’s the first place I go when I have great content to share! Which is pretty regularly. That will hopefully change soon so that stuff will post here first and then there, but for now, there’s a LOT of great info over there! Keep going back in the FB posts, it goes on for years! :)

Anyway…for all my new readers that found me via, WELCOME!!

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