my educational views change constantly

lately we’ve been doing pretty good with lists…since i am horrid at keeping any sort of a real routine, i just make new lists for maeven and i each day so we have something to refer to…and maeven has really seemed to respond well to this…and i’m finally obsessing on something really productive around here…getting MY list checked off each day. no, we don’t often get every single thing checked off…but since i am focusing on baby steps, i’m just glad that we are getting at least a few things off our lists done every day!

actually maeven got her entire list done yesterday! and she was very proud of herself for that! 🙂

anyway, despite my trying to inject more educational stuff into her days…i am continuing to lean more towards unschooling…we seem to be a pretty good blend of unschooling and some more focused curriculum…well curriculum isn’t the right word…maybe planned activities? anyway, its just amazing to see how much maeven, just on her own, does each day! nearly every day she is doing something quite educational completely on her own.

she really likes to create things. today its a binder for her “silly poems.” she just started this with a really cute, silly poem she wrote a couple days ago:

I Love You

I love you
I love you more than my home.
I love you more than my toys.
I love you more than my books.
I love you. I love you. I love you.
I love you, ice cream.

LOL! she’s hysterical! 🙂

and today’s poem she added to her binder:

I Love My Feet

I love my feet. I love my feet. I love my feet.
I love my feet because they have little faces on each toe.


and she is constantly creating her own books and building cardboard houses for her stuffed animals/toys…today she made a map of where our home is and everything around it. pretty accurate too!

i’m so proud of her! she is just amazing!

and she is reading like crazy! she read not one but TWO books in one day this week. and one of those was much thicker one than she usually reads.

she was reading aloud to her Nana yesterday and Nana was quite impressed with her reading aloud skills. yup, that’s my girl. 🙂

yeah i’ve not really focused strongly on spelling and math, and i know we need to do that more…but wow its amazing to me how much she IS doing and able to do.

so i am starting to feel more and more like the things that she is naturally drawn to do on her own–writing, creating, reading, etc…are really the sort of things that i want her to be happy and most comfortable doing anyway…so its all working out. there’s still time for her to learn things like long division and multiplication. we’ll get to it.

honestly, i tend to feel that once they have reading down pat 9which she does), then the most important subjects to me are things like art, literature, geography, history, science…the really meaty subjects. the ones that really cause you to become a more well-rounded individual. i do feel math is important too, don’t get me wrong…but there’s still plenty of time, and she’s got the basics so far. 🙂  for now i’m focusing on getting her practice with whatmath skills she already knows. (she freaks out whenever there’s a timed math game…she can’t handle the pressure…so i’m thinking that she just needs to get to the point that adding is pretty much second nature and doesn’t take as much work for her to process. that will take practice.  i’m finding computer games to be a great way to get her to practice.

so i’m starting to not stress so much when i don’t get her on track with things i’d like to see her doing…if she’s still doing something on her own. something i view valuable.

don’t get me wrong…i’m still working on those lists. in fact, i need to go work on hers right now…we had a homeschool field trip to the art museum today so half the day was gone from that and lunch. now we have to refocus to get back on track. i just wanted to blog my current thoughts. and how proud i am of my daughter! 🙂

oh and tyren had a blast practicing cutting today. i drew a star for him (per his request) to cut out and then helped him by holding his hands as he cut…to guide him around the star edges. he giggled the whole time! so cute! guess he really enjoyed that…mental note made to do more things like that with him. 🙂

ok i’m off to work on maeven’s list…she’s so good about doing the stuff on the list, i cannot break the cycle! 🙂

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