My Husband the Weirdo

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Originally uploaded by Adam&Tina.

OMG what a nut. about a week ago we were all playing in the big rrom (our playroom/garage conversion) and we were all dancing w/ribbon sticks to fun music and being really silly. this is my nut husband–he captioned this pic: “I was holding the ribbon-sticks for Maeven when I sat on a thumbtack, ok?”


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  1. My Son the Weirdo: Sorry, Tina.

    Should have warned you earlier… Adam tipped over on his head a lot as a baby. Like Tyren does. So, your job is to save some poor woman from a ribbon-wielding loony by keeping pillows behind Tyren at all times.

    You say you WON”T crawl around all day behind a fast moving toddler? Fine. Football helmet or padded room.

    It’s the LEAST you can do for the future of the family gene pool..

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