My son reviews the Foxcraft series

Foxcraft series book review
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My 12 year old son just finished this trilogy and is RAVING about it. So I asked him if he’d write a review about them, to share here…and this is what he had to say…

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ME: What is this series about? Is it a continuing story?

TYR: Yes, it is a continuing story. This series is about a young fox named Isla whose family was killed and only her and her brother escaped. Book 1 is about Isla trying to find her brother and survive “The Taken.” (evil foxes) Along with her friend Siffrin. Book 2 is about Isla trying to find “The Elders” (masters of foxcraft) for help in finding her brother. Book 3 is about Isla going to the Snowlands, to find her brother, having been told by the Elders that he is somewhere in the snowy territory of the wolves.

ME: Why do you like this series so much?

TYR: They have so many different types of foxcraft, and they all have amazing chants to go with them. I like the different types of magic because they are not necessarily like what you would imagine. For example, there is karakking: it’s very similar to throwing your voice except it will spiral around the victim you are using it on and you can imitate any other creature. Then there is wa’akkir: shape shifting into another creature, though you can only change into a similar creature, like a dog or a coyote or a wolf. Or as they say, “other cubs of Canista.”  The wa’akkir chant is my favorite by far. It goes like this: “I am the fur that ruffles your back, I am the twist and shake of your tail. Let me appear in the shape of your body. No one can tell. Others will fear. Dare not come near.” To help it along, here’s an example of what you might say after “I am Tyren (TEERen). I am changing. I will be the Great Wolf.”

ME: Do you recommend this book to other kids?

TYR:  I highly recommend this series if you like foxes. And magic. And foxes with magic. And very cool chants for the magic. If you don’t care for foxes with magic, I think you’ll grow to love it!

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