New Booklist Page!!

Children's Historical Fiction Series, Chronological Order

This is very exciting! I discovered something that allows me to upload my booklist spreadsheets to my website with ease!!

Check out my first page that I did this on:

Children’s Historical Fiction Series, Chronological Order

And this link will always be available in the sidebar, under “Book Lists”, so you can easily find it again! And that is also where I will be adding new booklists as I make them available.

I am SOOO excited about this! I have tons of these lists, you guys!! I am going to start organizing them all and getting the Amazon affiliate links for all the books (because, homeschool families gotta find every way they can to make a few extra dollars, ya know! And THANK YOU to those of you that use my affiliate links throughout my site and make purchases…it doesn’t cost you any more and you are helping to support a fellow homeschool family!)

I’m going to completely redo all my booklist pages and revamp everything that I have lists on now! I love that it’s so easily searchable and sortable!

So there will be MORE of these awesome book lists coming!! I can’t wait to show you all the books I’ve been gathering over the years! I’m kinda a nut about this stuff…I like to keep lists, lots and lots of lists….never know when you might do a study on specific topic and might need to know all the great books that you could use for, say, the London Fire or the California Gold Rush!

I’ve got tons of these great books I keep stumbling upon, and I’ve been sorting them in spreadsheets for YEARS for my own use…and now I have a cool way to share them with YOU!

Stay tuned for MORE!


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