new “school year”

well i obviously have seriously sucked at blogging here about all things homeschooling. we have gone in a more unschooling direction and i have just gotten lax about everything.

but i have a husband that doesn’t understand or agree with unschooling, and a nagging voice in my head that makes unschooling difficult for me, so i’m taking up some more “schooly” things to ease things. i still lean towards child-led learning, but i’m tired of feeling stressed about everything. and i had already purchased these single subject curricula that i feel really good about, so we’ll take a shot at these again.

plus the learning village is off the ground finally, so i’ll be seeing to it that we cover some other topics there, in a co-0p setting.

so today i’m diving back into right start math for maeven. might allow tyr to join in as well…as he’s able. and i’m going back to sequential spelling. also story of the world, book 2. its a good start. i’ll figure out more things later.

and i am thinking of starting tyren on something, but haven’t decided what yet. just to keep him busy for now. i still want to hold onto the no academics for little ones belief that i’ve felt strongly about for years…but he needs something to keep him busy so that he doesn’t bug me and maeven…so i’ll see what i can do towards that end. maybe its time i pull out some puzzles from the shed and see what else i can find that he can only play with when maeven’s “doing school.”

i am going to be starting a story of the world activity class at the learning village to force me to get my butt in gear for activities that go with that curriculum. hopefully i’ll get people to join us that also will add to the activities. i was going to do 4 chapters a week…but then realized that this curriculum is meant to be done one book a year…and the way i had it, it was going to be all 4 books in one year. so i decided to relax and just do a chapter a week, which gives us time to explore activities for that chapter more.  i would like to get costumes for the studied time frames/cultures as well…not sure how i’ll do that yet. i am not rich, so i cannot go crazy on all these plans. 🙂

anyway, i think our muffins are done for breakfast…and kids are fighting already. (such has been our summer) must go get them fed.

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