Noodle Homeschool, online self directed lessons for kids!

Noodle Homeschool classes are FUN, online, self directed lessons for kids of all ages.

These are stand alone, single topic lessons designed to be done online. (Although…there’s a lot of side lessons that branch off from each single topic!)

Think virtual unit studies– but you don’t have to do all the work!! Excited now?

Technically these are not unit studies, since I do not segregate by subject matter….but pretty darn close. What I’ve done is taken my Experience-Based Learning idea, brought it online and created topical lessons centered around this idea of CHOICE and FUN, and then made it available for you and your families to share in.

Now of course this will continue to change and evolve and grow as time goes on…and there will be many many more courses as I make time to create them.  I spend literally HOURS and HOURS searching and researching for each topic that I’m putting together. This is GOOD STUFF!

Check the courses out here: NOODLE HOMESCHOOL

There you will find the courses that I have created so far. I have SOOOO many more in the works! Stay tuned! I will post on my Facebook page and on this blog when new courses are made available.

Each course is designed to be self guided by the children, as much as possible. The one requirement for the self-directed learning, however, is that children will need to know how to read. If not, they can still be guided through the activities, they will just need someone that can read to guide them through it.

Another caveat is that parents need to screen all materials to ensure its appropriateness for their children. I have done my best to only link to good quality sites and excellent videos, but as the internet changes daily, it’s important to keep a close eye on all internet viewing in regards to children. I do not recommend leaving children alone to peruse the internet and especially not to click around YouTube. That will need to be your responsibility, and I am not responsible for a child that stumbles upon something they shouldn’t have. That’s what parental supervision is for. And I’m right there with my own kids as well, so I know how hard that is sometimes! But it’s very important, so always keep in mind, please.

I also cannot know what everyone deems appropriate for their children, so I highly recommend screening websites and videos to make sure nothing causes problems for your family’s values.

I hope you and your kids will find the courses as enriching and fun as I intend them to be! I have put a lot of work and my heart and soul into these courses…and I have so many more up my sleeve…just a matter of finding the time to make them all come to fruition!

To purchase a course, visit the Homeschool Realm store.


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