Not a great day

Today was rough.

We did still accomplish some things…got 1 math lesson and 1 spelling lesson done (didn’t get to the other math lesson I wanted to get done, but I will get us caught up over the weekend). and we listened to the SOTW chapter we were scheduled to read, in the car. (I have the book on cd, which is hecka handy when a day like today happens and we HAVE to get in the car and go SOMEWHERE or we’re going to kill each other!)

And we did read some of our read-aloud (me reading) book, Dragonsong. Ok so that’s not exactly high quality literature in a classic literature sense…but this is an EXCELLENT author, I tell ya! One of my alltime favs! And so I am just tickled pink that Maeve is diggin the Dragonriders of Pern as much as I do! And I do feel it qualifies as a “living book.” There is much depth to the books and their characters. So I have it down as our current literature read. We’re nearly done. I want to finish it because I have several other books piling up from the library that I would like us to get to.

We went to the library today just to pick up the books that had come in for us. I had ordered some more read-alouds for me to read to Maeve, and one book for her to read to herself (goodness, those are piling up as well, so I better stop ordering them! I just keep finding cool books and order them but we can’t read fast enough to keep up!)  and a bunch of books on birds, which I’ve decided is our current science topic.

Started reading the book “Beaks“…This is an awesome book! Way better than the other one we read on beaks. Its kinda long though so we didn’t finish it yet.

Lets see, what else we got done…oh she did a page of copywork, grudgingly, lol! I found a pdf file I had from somewhere that had copywork with pictures, pretty cool. so she did a page of that.

So we did accomplish a fair amount today. I want to eventually get to where we’re doing a lot more, but since we’re working our way up, we did pretty good, I think!

My parents came and got Tyren today for “nana/bompa time”…they normally do this in the evening and take him to dinner…Tyren on Thurs nites and Maeven on Friday nites…but since my dad had something to do tonite, they came and got him for lunch. well this actually turned out great because I was able to them get some school work done with Maeven. and I asked my mom if they could just take him in the afternoon every week, so I could have another day of uninterrupted school with her. She said sure, so now I’ll have Mondays in the afternoon, Wed and Fri in the mornings, and Thurs in the afternoon. All those times she will take Tyren out to do something to entertain him and that will give us a couple hours alone per day to get some of the subjects done that we have a real hard time getting done when he’s home. No matter what I do, I cannot get that child (Tyr) to just let us get our work done. he won’t be distracted, I tell ya! and he seems to have decided its his mission in life to just irritate the hell outta his sister…and NOT do what mommy wants him to. So it makes for a very stressful situation here.

Which is why I had a hard time today…Tyren was being a stinker butt. And Maeven was just falling for it all and getting all irritated. So they were fighting like crazy, as usual. And I had lost my patience to the point of yelling a few times. I hate when I get to that point, but unfortunately they push me to it quite regularly lately. sigh  Well we’ll keep working on that. At least we did have enough peace to get some school work done.

So despite the rough patches, I feel pretty good about today. We are accomplishing things every day. I eventually want to be able to work more projects and activities into our days but for now just getting done what we’re doing is a start. I already feel like I’m running ragged daily so I need to just feel good about what we ARE doing…and we’ll get to the rest. I’ll throw in what I can when I can.

She’s learning! that’s the important part! :)

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