orders arrived

our math lesson book (and a couple extra manipulatives that we didn’t yet have from the last kit that i added to the order) came in as well as the story of the world audiobook.

i haven’t had a chance to really look at the book yet, but we’ve been listening to the cd. we already read the equivalent of the first 2 cds (out of 7), i believe…so its just review for us right now…but that’s exactly what i wanted for it for now. i want to be able to have maeven hear the stories in the book over and over so that it will be more likely to stick.

and its read by jim weiss, who is the guy that does her sleepytime cd…what she goes to sleep to every nite. repeatedly. (she frequently wakes in the night and finds that it helps her to go back to sleep to put the cd on again…so she gets up a couple times a night and hits play again. its not uncommon for me to wake in the middle of the night to his voice, LOL).

maeven’s been very interested in listening to the cds! just as i had hoped! there’s a lot of great info in there. the only thing i don’t like about the book is that it treats bible stories as historical fact and everyone else’s mythology are just stories. so i preface the bible stories with an explanation of this. i did when i was reading them aloud and i explained it again today. i told her that the author of the book is christian and so she believes that the stories in the bible literally happened. and that’s ok. i told her that i believe that maybe some of it might have happened but i tend to believe that most of it is mythology like all the other mythology we read. i did tell her that some of the things in the bible have been proven to be true by archaeologists though. but i don’t personally believe that all the “proof” that they’ve found is really true, so i didn’t really go into details of that much. not that i know much about it.

i want maeven to decide for herself what she believes in, though, so i always try to explain that some people believe this and some people believe that. and its all good, as long as it works for them and they’re not hurting anyone with their beliefs. and that its not ok to bash another person’s beliefs.

anyway this all came up because i found it fascinating when we heard the story of sargon…and how he was supposedly found as a baby floating in a basket in the river by a servant of the king and then raised in the king’s palace. thought that was really familiar. and this supposedly happened, i believe, hundreds or maybe thousands (not sure) of years BEFORE moses. so, hmmmm…my guess is that story was created by someone that knew the story of sargon. just a guess. things like that i find really interesting…the parallels in mythology. and yet the bible mythology is seen as fact, where other country’s mythology is fiction? there’s a lot of bible stories that mirror other cultures mythology…and the bible stories came AFTER the other stories. kinda funny, i think.

anyway…so the new stuff is in and we’re still working on gearing up for “school”.

today i also worked some on getting my planning book dated and labeled for another year. i really enjoy this sort of thing, LOL! like when i get a new calendar and get to go through and label all the birthdays and such. so i have enough pages in my planner to make it through most of february. then i’ll need a new one.

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