Our “Currently Reading” books added, and do you know about Goodreads?

Goodreads Currently Reading List

I’ve been doing a lot of updates to Homeschool Realm lately, and I wanted to let you know the latest today!

I just added my Goodreads “Currently Reading” shelf to my sidebar, for those that like to learn what other homeschoolers are currently reading. It’s fun to find new books for yourself and your kids to read this way!  You can find it in the sidebar down below the tags section, so just scroll down until you see it.

NOTE: I have noticed that for some reason my sidebar switches sides depending on what page you are on…I haven’t figured out why that is yet…but just a heads up that that happens and I am aware of that, and looking into it.

About Goodreads: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Goodreads! If you’ve not discovered it yet, go check it out! It’s a FABULOUS site for tracking what you and your kids are reading! I have used it for years and years to keep track of all the books we’ve read and want to read!

I am diligent in tracking allllll the books the kids and I read every year. I make a new shelf each year. One for books I read for myself that year, one for books my son (T) read to himself, one for books my daughter (M) read to herself, and one for books I read aloud to both of them.

The “Currently reading” is all of those books that are currently being read…and if you’d like to see what we’ve read in the past, you can visit my Goodreads account here: https://www.goodreads.com/tinamama  and scroll through all my shelves to see the hundreds of books that are there! 

~For reference, my daughter (M) is 17 now and my son (T) 12….so that will give you an idea of their ages as you go backwards in the shelves, if you are looking for age appropriate books for younger children.~

I’m really excited about all the work that I’m doing with these shelves, I have to tell you! I’m in the process of moving a lot of those books I’ve logged there (the subject specific ones) into the sortable, searchable format that I am now displaying on my booklists pages, such as the Children’s Historical Fiction series page, and the Historical Activity Books page (nearly done, I just need to get a graphic made for it.)  You can find all my booklist pages in my top menu. That list is going to GROW soon, so make sure you are on my mailing (sign up here!) so you get notice as I keep adding more and more lists and update existing lists! 

My plan is to get all the significant book lists moved to my site where I can format them in those fantastic tables that allow for easy sorting and searching and even printing! There’s going to be a BUNCH of them once I get everything moved over! 

Goodreads is great, but it’s more limited in those specific features…and I think we can all agree that us homeschoolers love the flexibility of being able to search and sort our resources!! And print! Holy cow do we love to print! LOL!

I also have a bunch of book lists that never made it to Goodreads that are sitting in spreadsheets in my Google Drive! So stay tuned for lots more great book lists in the coming weeks!

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