outdoor hour challenge & music ideas

well i’m still stumbling along…but haven’t found time to blog…sorry…i’ll get back to it, i really want to be better at keeping track of things here.

but right now i wanted to post about this thing i discovered on another blog, the “outdoor hour challenge.” i am going to be starting this with my kids…since i’ve not found time to organize anything science related. i’ve not found time for a lot of things. but maeven continues to learn…and read read read…she’s whizzing through chapter books now! so time is not wasted. and life is a learning experience…and she finds her own projects to do all the time. i’m very proud of her!

anyway, i really like the idea of this outdoor hour challenge…and on another site there is a “sketch tuesday” that i’m going to start with maeve as well. here’s info on the sketch tuesday challenge. maeven will really get into this sort of thing, i think. and more art for her! (which is totally her thing)…and i am finding all sorts of ideas like this on other people’s blogs…i just have to get organized and plan them for maeve.

this got me to thinking that i would like to do something here on this blog. there’s one thing i’ve yet to find anywhere (didn’t really look though, but don’t need to)…something to help us learn new songs regularly. i know a TON of songs…with my background in preschool, my head is crammed full of them! and i continue to collect kids’ music cds, and review them on my website. i’m way behind, though…there’s a ton that i need to add.

anyway, i’m thinking of starting a song-of-the-week. for my own kids to learn, and i’ll post here so others can benefit as well. i think learning one singable song a week is a good way to start adding a bunch of music to our day. i will start compiling a list of what i want to teach them…i have so many to choose from! and i want them to be songs that can be sung without the cd. “singable songs” (will draw some from raffi, hehe)…but right now i need to go shower and get some stuff done around here. and i have a thing to writeup to take to my first discovery center board meeting tonite. (they asked me to join! i’m so excited!) i’m proposing a children’s concert to benefit TDC. got a lot of info about it already and i’ll just have to organize all that. goodness but i have so many things i’m working on!!

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