Homeschooling with Les Miz

Homeschooling with Les Miserables

I am a Les Miserables enthusiast.  Fangirl. Fanatic. Let’s just say I have a passion for this story, the characters, and the music… And as such, I’ve tried to find ways to bring it into not just our family life, but into our homeschooling… First, a little background: I went to

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My Painted House

Book of the Week: My Painted House, My Friendly Chicken, And Me

This book is a little young for my kids, but I just adore it. It’s by Maya Angelou! [amazon_link asins=’0375825673′ template=’CopyOf-ProductAd’ store=’homeschoolrealm-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c5333281-2ca6-11e8-bf4d-554abbf6a804′] It’s super cute…full of bright, colorful photographs. The story takes place in a village in South Africa, with a little 8 year old girl named Thandi,

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Foxcraft series book review

My son reviews the Foxcraft series

[amazon_link asins=’054569082X,0545690854,0545690870′ template=’CopyOf-ProductCarousel’ store=’homeschoolrealm-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’468f8463-2877-11e8-a7f1-c53476eabf95′] My 12 year old son just finished this trilogy and is RAVING about it. So I asked him if he’d write a review about them, to share here…and this is what he had to say… PLEASE NOTE: The book links are Amazon affiliate links, and

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Children's Historical Fiction Series, Chronological Order

New Booklist Page!!

This is very exciting! I discovered something that allows me to upload my booklist spreadsheets to my website with ease!! Check out my first page that I did this on: Children’s Historical Fiction Series, Chronological Order And this link will always be available in the sidebar, under “Book Lists”, so

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Book of the Week: The Rainbow Bridge

This week I read an old favorite of mine to my kids, The Rainbow Bridge By Audrey Wood. [amazon_link asins=’015202106X’ template=’CopyOf-ProductAd’ store=’fresnofamilyc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’da9c9749-0de4-11e8-9d61-7bbec421cdb4′] This book is an adapted version of the creation story of the Chumash tribe (Native American) of the Central Coast of CA. The story is beautiful, the

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Book of the Week!

So I need to get my butt in gear and finish publishing my 12 part Homeschooling Early Childhood series…It’s all written and I just have some tweaks to do on the final posts…but, sadly, my ADHD is kicking in and I’ve gotten off track. I promise, I WILL get back

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The toilet habits of earwigs

Ahhhh, my children have inherited their father’s sense of humor… We were just cleaning Tyren’s room, when we found a live earwig…I told him to go get some toilet paper (to catch him)….and Tyr said: “Why? Does he need to wipe his butt?”   Oh my, I live in a

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“It” humor

OMG! My daughter (17yrs) is hilarious! She has her dad’s sense of humor… We were just discussing the movie IT…something she’s really wanting to see, the new one…and how I loved the 90s version until the end…when we (all my dorm friends…we all watched it together in college) were all

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