very frustrated

i need to get these fliers out about “move it, dig it, do it”, and usually i ask the moms on the local moms groups to help me, and they usually come through like gang busters. but i’ve not had a single mom pick any up yet, or even say they would. 🙁 and normally i would say, ok, no […]

We’re rockin’ at math!

OK, I obviously really suck at blogging here lately. I dropped off the song of the week thing, I haven’t posted regularly in forever, and I just don’t even remember I have this blog frankly. I do still blog at my main blog, if anyone’s interested. Anyway, I still do believe strongly in unschooling, but I’m facing a little reality […]

my happy girl

maeven’s been so happy this weekend because of the new bed and rearranged/new room. i hope she stays happy like this for awhile. she’s been so UNhappy for awhile now that its been making this mommy sad. i think part of it has been summer boredom…not much to do with the heat and mommy having so many things to do […]

My Dad’s Dream

i’m reading “Prodigal Summer” by Barbara Kingsolver…it describes life in the appalachian mountains. it sounds just beautiful. it makes me ache to live someplace beautiful. its makes me realize what i’m missing here in fresno. beauty. nature. don’t get me wrong…there are wonderful, beautiful PEOPLE here (and a lot that aren’t, as with anywhere). but i’ve lived a lot of […]

new “school year”

well i obviously have seriously sucked at blogging here about all things homeschooling. we have gone in a more unschooling direction and i have just gotten lax about everything. but i have a husband that doesn’t understand or agree with unschooling, and a nagging voice in my head that makes unschooling difficult for me, so i’m taking up some more […]