things i’m proud of

ok, this heat and the state of things at my house has put me in a depressed mood today…so i need to think of things to lift my mood. gonna list things i’m proud of that i’ve accomplished in my life, mostly recent stuff. just the things i feel the best about right now so i can get my focus […]

another hot day

did i mention that our dryer died? well it did, and i recycled it (got a whole $4 for it!) and the search for a new (used) one, began. to make a long story short, i did my research and found some used ones…but…salvation army didn’t have any electric dryers, only gas…we don’t have hookup for that…and a used place […]

switching gears again

so i spent the vast majority of yesterday plotting out what i feel i need to get done to feel better about maeven’s education. i’d been going in an unschooling direction (though not radical) for awhile, but not really in a very high quality way…just going where the wind blows…just trusting that i’d loop back around and that in the […]

a simplifying of birthdays has happened

just wanted to make sure to make note for all of those friends of our family that haven’t been invited to tyren’s birthday party. its not anything personal. i’ve just gotten to a point where i’m trying to simplify things and so i’ve narrowed down party lists greatly lately. for one, we cannot afford party favors for 11-million kids anymore. […]

Do Good Grades Predict Success?

Very interesting blog post: i would agree with many of the comments on this post that grades measure very little…as some of the most intelligent and successful (in my mind) people i know did horrid in school. my husband and father, for starters. as i recall, my bro didn’t do all that great either, at least up through high […]

so much to think about and do

yesterday a wonderful woman from the sacramento discovery museum came down here to fresno to do a site review of the discovery center for us. she was just MARVELOUS, let me tell ya! the four of us (myself, the director of TDC janet, susan and her husband) walked the grounds and talked and talked and talked about how they do […]

maeven’s long ago mermaid party

i was just reading this post about a mermaid birthday party and realized that i never did post about what i did for maeven’s party last year! i like to document them all. so let’s see what i can still remember (it was last november!) we did it at our friend’s property, margaret hudson’s barn, for those of you that […]

times are a-changin

my children are growing up so quickly before my eyes. just this week maeven seems a young lady to me. i look at her and cannot believe how much older she seems. tyren is no longer a baby, but very much the little/big boy. turning 4 in just a few short weeks, and finally potty trained and spending literally hours […]

lazy organizer my butt!

i’ve subscribed to the lazy organizer blog (site no longer exists) for awhile and really get a lot out of it. she really inspires me, yet i’ve yet to get going on any of the ideas yet, argh. well today she’s really got me thinking. she posted this today: (no longer on web) basically it talks about how she […]