Playful Parenting fun!

I am on Dr. Larry Cohen‘s email list, and I love it! Just was sent this adorable and fun sounding tip, that was too cute to not share:

To help make mealtimes more fun and less stressful (and to get picky or distracted eaters to eat):  One mom wrote, “Someone round the table spears a piece of food with their fork and waves it in the air shouting, ‘I’ve got a (potato, or whatever)’. Then everyone else races to get the same item speared onto their fork and waving it in the air. We do lots of ‘quick, quick,’ general encouragement and giggling. Once everyone has the item, whoever notices first that we all have it pops it in their mouth, and everyone else follows. Then someone else starts with another item. Even more fun if someone around the table doesn’t have any of that item on their plate, because then they need to find a way to get some.

[Another game is that]  I pretend to be a piece of food and say, ‘Please don’t eat me, oh don’t eat me…’ until she picks that food up, then I get frantic, ‘No, no, not me, choose that (strawberry) over there, not me.’ If the food gets in her mouth, I give blood-curdling screams while she chews and my voice gets quieter and quieter after she swallows.”


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