pretty good week

my lists are still working quite well…although tyren’s dental drama has knocked me off-track a bit because i couldn’t focus on anything but researching solutions for a good part of this week…that will always happen, methinks…life gets away from me. instead of feeling super guilty all the time, i’m allowing it to just be…because there will always be something like that that is important for me to focus on. as long as we don’t stop entirely, i think we’re fine.

one really exciting thing this week…we’ve finished our first SOTW book and the second one has come in! (i ordered the book, the activity book, and the audiobook and they came in FAST!) YAY! so we are moving on to the medieval world (out of the ancient world) …sooooo excited about that! 🙂

we were going to start yesterday but the day got away from us. so we may start it either this weekend or on monday.

so, here’s what maeven got done this week:

monday schoolwork:

–played typing game (i asked her to play at least one, and i think she did like 3)
–art–sketch something that goes fast (she drew a fast train, very cool!)
–copywork–martin luther king, jr poem
–history–i read her a MLK picture book and we talked about MLK and the great he did for america…we also watched part of the inauguration (had to take tyr to the dentist in the middle and she was leaving with her nana…but we saw a good part of it to get an idea of what was going on and we talked about it…and how wonderful it is that the day after MLK’s day that we had a black president sworn in! she’s very excited too!)
cursive–first/last name sheet (she’s getting quite good at this!)

monday housework:

–helped sort our clean laundry and folded her own clothes and put away

then we had a couple days off while i obsessed over trying to figure out what to do with tyr’s teeth…that’s when she was working on her own projects (which, if i had written down, would be seen as quite educational…but i was obsessing, so i did’t write about them, woops!)

thursday schoolwork:

she finished her entire list this day! (housework too!) she was very proud of herself!

–played math game on the computer (we have the DK cd “i love math“, which she’s not particularly fond of…and it didn’t go super well but she was obviously understanding most of what she was doing…it did give her some practice…i’m just going to push the issue and keep getting her to play…i suspect she’ll balk less after awhile.)
–listened to the secret garden on librivox (these are long chapters! but she loves this book…its the second time she’s heard it!)
–played typing game (this is another computer game i bought awhile back..its called “typing instructor for kids“and i think its really an awesome way for her to learn to type…she’s on the computer all the time anyway…so i figured she may as well start to learn to type…it could help her practice spelling as well!)
–earned 2 gems in Jumpstart World (these are the gems you earn when you play one of the educational games…so she was practicing math or reading or something like that…i didn’t specify which ones i wanted her to play, just to play 2…she’s on the 2nd grade jumpstart world…she’s already completed the K and 1st grade games…we buy these because i think its a great way for her to learn and she loves them!)
–read 1 library book (picture book–she read “turn! turn! turn!”)

thursday housework:

–pickup/put away all clothes in room
–help pick up living room (traded this chore for sweeping the kitchen, which was on my list…so she did the kitchen floor and i did the living room)
–vacuumed living room

friday schoolwork:

–field trip to the fresno art museum…after touring the art exhibits, they did a junk sculpture to take home!
–wrote in journal (this wasn’t on her list, but she chose to write on her own! i’ve been trying to get her write daily in a journal and she’s not been going for it, so i was excited to see this!)
“THINK!” project–i asked her to do last week’s project…build a city out of cards…she didn’t quite do it as expected, but there are no rules, and it inspired her to write about it in her journal, so who cares? 🙂

the rest of the list for friday didn’t get done…so it will rollover to this weekend to get caught up on. we’ll see how it goes.

today we are heading to the discovery center to their saturday science class! today they are doing birds! 🙂

all-in-all i’m pretty happy with how things are going! we are finally getting things done in a way that makes me happy…i don’t care that she does a set specific list of things every day as long as she is active and learning…i am happiest when she DOES do the list, but as long as she’s not spending all day playing toontown or watching tv, its good. 🙂   so doing a little here and there is working for us. and as we get better at things, i suspect we’ll be getting better and better with our lists. 🙂

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