Free Printables

I am often making myself files and forms to print up to track the work my kids are doing and such. I thought I’d share them here…because even though some of them haven’t worked out for me, they may for someone else!

This is the new stations chart I came up with when my children kept swapping out stations every day...I figured out that they wanted the freedom to choose what stations to do each day, so I altered the chart to fit their needs. This is a .xlsx file. The fonts…

This is a plan I used a few years ago that required more details than I am capable of regularly furnishing...but many of you are far more disciplined than I am, so I figure someone could make use of this!  

This is the original Excel spreadsheet which I used to use with my Experience-Based Learning system. You'll see an updated version of this here. Pick the one that fits your needs. Both are fully editable. You’ll need a program that can open a .xlsx file. The fonts I used are: Beatnik SF and…

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