Science, art, music timelines?

I’ve decided that I’d like to integrate as much of our studies as I can, around our history lessons…so I am in search of some good resources for science, art and music timelines…Any suggestions?

What I envision is sticking with our history books as our “spine” (for my daughter, that is the “History of US” series by Joy Hakim, currently the 2nd book…for my son, the “Story of the World” series by Susan Wise Bauer, currently the first book…And yes, I really want to have them both in the same book/time period to simplify things…but I’m not there yet, and that’s a whole different story for another time.)  And with those as a reference, I’d like to add in the scientific discoveries/inventions and scientists of the time frame…art/artists/art periods…and music/musicians/musical periods. As relevant to whatever they are studying. Maybe even sprinkle in some mathematicians (as age appropriate).

So I started googling and I’m getting all sorts of info. Its more than a little overwhelming…so I’m going to go back to sifting through it all now and hope that someone else has some info to share with me here soon that will help! :) I’ll post what I come up with, when I come up with it. :)

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear!

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  1. I’ve been browsing homeschool blogs today and I’m happy I found yours! I’m eager to check out the many resources you’ve mentioned. A lot of blogs don’t offer as many specific suggestions. On timelines: I’m an elementary Montessori teacher, and we love timelines. I’ll be posting timeline content on my blog as time goes along. If you like, stop by: Keep posting the great content; I put you in my blogroll and will be checking back!

    Thanks! Beth

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