She’s doing math

I’ve been really disappointed in myself recently (again) for falling off the wagon and getting caught up in life and not getting back to Maeven’s math curriculum. Well, wonder of wonders (not such a surprise to all you unschoolers out there)…she’s still doing math!

Well of course she is! DUH! Math is a big part of life, for pete’s sake! But it still never ceases to amaze me. Recently she’s been telling me the answers to equations she just thinks up in her head. And then she’ll tell me how she got the answer. She’s using the techniques I taught her from the Right Start Math program!

Yesterday she told me that 6 plus 8 was 14. And then she told me that the way she knew that was because she imagined in her head making the 6 a 4 and a 2…then adding the 2 to the 8 because she knew that made 10…and then she knew she had 4 left over and 10 and 4 was 14! Yup, she’s getting it! And she was so proud of using the technique I’d taught her! 🙂

It makes my day when stuff like this happens! 🙂

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