sick day

Yesterday we did actually accomplish a few things…

2 math lessons

Maeven finished reading the chapter book she was working on:

We looked through some more library books on topics we are studying in history and science.

We finished this book:

(It was really good! Very interesting and great pics!)

We watched our latest signing time dvd we got from the library:

But that’s about it. Maeven was still getting over a cold and I was just starting one.

Today I woke up feeling like hell. So we haven’t accomplished a thing yet today.

I take that back…Maeven started AND finished another chapter book…

Well the day isn’t over yet. When Adam gets home I really want to try to get a couple more math lessons done, despite how I’m feeling. Its really the only thing that I’m on a strict time frame with…Since I want us to be done with it by the end of the year.

We’ll see how it goes when Adam gets home.

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