Sign your child up to learn how to create a website

I told you a little over a week ago about my idea to do a class on web design for kids.

IMG 1249
Maeven, working hard on her art website.

I’ve finally gotten the information and form up so people can sign up for this class: CLICK HERE TO SEE INFO AND SIGN UP for the June 28 class.

I am hoping this proves to be as much fun as it seems in my head. 🙂  I’ve found a free webinar program that we can all log onto and be able to talk to each other…me via my microphone (so you’ll need speakers on, that work), and you in a chat room where you can type in your questions and feedback. Still learning the system…wondering if there’s an option for students to also ask voice questions, for those with microphones…so far I’ve not found this option, but I’m not giving up. If need be, I may move to a different program…we’ll see what happens…

The webinar program, called “PresentOnline”, will allow me to show students what I’m doing on MY computer, so they can then go and do it on THEIRS. If all goes well, they’ll be up and running with a new website by the end of class! 🙂

I plan to start with a brief explanation, on a child level, on the internet and websites. So that they have more of an understanding of what it is they are creating and where. Then we will move into how to create their own site. I will probably have parents at least get the accounts set up ahead of time…more on that if you sign up for the class. I’ll send out emails explaining what steps I need you to take prior to class. I’m still sorting it all out.

I chose WordPress because its the platform I currently use for all but one of my websites (and I may eventually convert that one as well). Its incredibly easy, versatile, has lots of really fantastic plugins to enhance things even more, and best of all….its FREE!

I’m really excited to be doing this class! This is hopefully just the first of many! Watching my own daughter and her site she’s created, I can see how many children could benefit from this sort of a project! There’s so much that can be done, the possibilities are endless!

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