So much for that theme

So over the past week, I have been trying to get a new theme that I purchased set up here on Homeschool Realm. Some of you may have noticed the chaos.

Well…it seemed like a really awesome theme and the demo was gorgeous. But alas…I have run into the same sort of headaches with that theme as I have had with this theme that I am currently using. Things are not configuring the way I want, and tech support is not helping. This time there appears to be a language and time zone barrier also impeding the process. And I am just SO DONE. I need a theme that WORKS. I am totally fine with having to set things up but when they don’t do as they are designed to do and tech support for the PAID THEME isn’t responding in a timely manner and keeps not understanding my issues which I have laid out very clearly…I’m DONE. This is getting flippin’ ridiculous! I’ve wasted SO MANY HOURS on both of these themes now that I actually paid money for!

Well…time to start from scratch again! ARGH!!!!  At least this theme looks fairly decent. (This is the old one)  Even if it’s not the way I want it. It will do until I can find something better.

Just wanted to give readers a heads up as to what’s been going on. Back to the drawing board!

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