some more goals

since i feel like blogging more, i thought i’d share a list i’m working on. i created this in the back cover of my lesson planner. i add to it when i think of more ideas. i’ve got a good list going now, so i thought i’d post it.

these are things that i want my kids to experience or be exposed to:

  • theater, especially musicals
  • diverse music–jazz (dixieland and smooth), classical, rock/pop, country, reggae, celtic, blues, gospel…and i may allow some rap, only if its not offensive and something like will smith (i HATE rap!)
  • handcrafts–woodworking, pottery, knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch, sewing, waldorf crafts, etc…
  • fine arts–painting, sculpting, etc…
  • languages–particularly sign language and spanish
  • many cultures–festivals, feasts, holidays, meals, music, dress, traditions, languages..
  • travel–california, the US, and the world!
  • memorization–of poetry, sayings, important writings, etc…for poetry, start with shel silverstein, dr seuss, mother goose…
  • patriotic songs–this land is your land, my country tis of thee, america the beautiful…
  • american folk songs–oh susanna, froggy went acourtin…
  • gardening
  • baking
  • cooking
  • learning to play musical instruments
  • singing songs regularly (not just listening…i need to start a songbook of all the songs i know…there’s SOOO many in my head that i need to get down so i can remember they’re there!)
  • animal care–not just pets, but livestock and large animals

that’s all i can think of for now…that’s a pretty big list! and i know i’ll think of more.

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